24 September 2009

Parallel worlds

Recently i discovered that I love different kinds of reflections. But especially I adore to
look into the puddles (is it right word?.). They suck me down. I imagine that there is another world, like in the "Through the Looking-Glass"

and parallel cats---

30 August 2009

Installation. Hermitage

Вчера посетила выставленную в Эрмитаже инсталляцию бельгийского художника Вима Дельвуа.
Забавно, как эрмитажные работники стыдливо втиснули ее в проход между колоннами и заботливо обнесли красной бархатной веревочкой, что, как мне кажется, очень мешает обзору, и в данном случае смотрится просто абсурдно:

Но, тем не менее, готический бульдозер в Эрмитаже - явление само по себе редкое,
спасибо и на этом.Мне все равно понравилось:

Yesterday i visited an installation of contemporary Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. Funny how the Hermitage staff modestly squeezed it into the passage between the columns and carefully enclosed with a red velvet rope that looks just absurd i think here... Well, the gothic bulldozer
in the Hermitage - is the rare phenomenon itself, so thanks for it anyway. I like it :)

11 May 2009

Loft Etaji / Floors

I find this view very nice, a little weird..
i wished to live looking at this bird from my window...

09 April 2009

Simple pleasures

My formula of the good mood:1. sunny day
2. a cup of americano & smth sweet
3. your camera
4. some people around

20 March 2009

Stockholm again

Here  is snowing again and nothing reminds about the spring  - so I prefer to live inside my sunny world and  listening Nora Jones

14 March 2009


What a weird feeling to see  the blue sky for the first time after
3 MONTHS of grey winter!//----))) OOO!!! -- our sphinx is happy too :)

15 February 2009

Winter and Fans.

A long freezing walk to the place where St-Petersburg was founded - castle Peter and Paul ------

--and then-- to the exhibition of ancient japanese fans. Amazing pieces of art, so delicate . Just useless here..)

14 January 2009


A lot of RED ------------------------------------------

I was in Spain over a year ago and it was a love at first sight. All photos have been taken by me in Barselona except the one with candles, taken in Monserrat, magic place.

10 January 2009


I took this picture during my vacation in Egypt a long time ago.
I visited the village of bedouins located in the desert, and this woman was the oldest person there and i`ve got impression that she was very kind.

03 January 2009

* * *

Although I live mostly at nights now, I was so lucky to catch
the first rays of the sun for many-many days here! ---

today i saw the new movie of Kim Ki-duk "Dream", - so if you haven`t seen it yet, recommended to watch to all admirers of exciting eastern cinema -------