19 November 2010


from my window 

p.s. А вы знали, что в Боливии, при +3°C дети уже в школу не ходят - тк очень холодно :)

25 September 2010

Le fleuve--The River by Jean Renoir

The river runs, the round world spins.
Dawn and lamplight, midnight, noon.
Sun follows day; night, stars and moon.
The day ends, the end begins.

05 July 2010

[островитянка] Islander

I want to see my island--
-- voir mon île --
-- uvidet ostrov--
--мой остров--

you know what?.. Russian words and letters seems to me very strange now! I'm observing it with a curiosity and a kind of anxiety... it's a new experience for me

26 June 2010

19 June 2010

Resume. Fin d'année.

Here some school works. After some experiments with abstract painting I've decided to transfer this research in photography. I chose the medium of the black and white silver print by its rich possibilities and the pictorial qualities, so material and close to painting. I think it is the medium that gives a picture of the world more imaginary and narrative.