20 March 2009

Stockholm again

Here  is snowing again and nothing reminds about the spring  - so I prefer to live inside my sunny world and  listening Nora Jones


Jack Daniel said...

What?? Are you in Stockholm right now?

Kan du talar Svenska?

Helga said...

Oh -I wished to be there, nooo... )) only by my soul :D

don`t know why- your second comment disappeared -sorry !

and I don`t speak sweden at all )

amnion said...

My name is Aaron Embry
I thought you might be interested in seeing Yukio Mishima's film
"Yukoku-the Rite of Love and Death"
with the original score I wrote.
Watch the film here:


Share your thought in the comments !

Aaron Embry

Anonymous said...

thattt is a lovely lovely painting!