14 January 2009


A lot of RED ------------------------------------------

I was in Spain over a year ago and it was a love at first sight. All photos have been taken by me in Barselona except the one with candles, taken in Monserrat, magic place.


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I love Barcelona!!!

Rita said...

Ooh, Barcelona is my dreaaamm! I so wish to go there. I just have this feeling that I will immediately fall in love with it. Just like it happened with New York, I knew I would love it years before I ever set foot there.

Dominica said...

Like the candles picture !!

Helga said...

@ Rita
Yeah, you will love it! this is a magic city, i was there only 2 days, and it was not enough of course. And you shold visit the museum of Salavador Dali in Figeiras, it`s something special

MR style said...

that is truly cute !! lovely

Jack Daniel said...

Wow, the design in the last picture is really cool!
I haven't been to Barca since 2001!

Yamila said...

I love the art!!!!

is the first time that i see this blog. It is very nice.

Saludos desde Argentina.
and...i am sorry for my english!