29 March 2016

Meantime...In the studio

meantime it is sprrring here ! Enfin ! Even if you still need your shapka sometimes...and even if you need to wait a couple of months to take off your warm clothes --- it is much, much better with sunlight

20 March 2016

Ice age

It is pretty amazing how the perception of seasons is changing when you have spent some time in other place. In other space. This winter for me, - is like the most long winter in my life, like it never been before.

Few pics from my walk when I was testing my new object, near the golf of Finland. My favorite place here.

15 February 2016

Pink dreams

Back home and back to watercolor. Unexpectedly, both.
When I was at my first art school, very academic, the teachers, they always said to us - "never use one color, it should be mixed, it should be grey.. bla bla bla..''
It took me  ... many years to dare again. Because actually I just love it. Pure simple colors.