23 November 2014

City walks

New page on my site called "city walks", you can check it HERE.
There I will continue to add images and videos from my deambulations in cities where i'm living and travelling.

02 July 2014

Insta life

Finally finished ! My project for the group exhibition Magnetic field, at Rizzordi Art Foundation/ in Manifesta10 parallel program.

28 June 2014


Such a busy week, - today : opening on Pushkinskaya-10, tomorrow- group show Magnetic Fields in Rizzordi Art foundation, part of the parallel Manifesta-10's program.

12 April 2014


Now everywhere I see how housekeepers remove graffitis from walls by painting on it, and the color of paint is always slightly different. And I find it very beautiful, all this shades. Really, the most contemporary art here is in the streets, not in the museums !

13 January 2014

Smooth winter

This winter is very nice and warm and we had first real snow just today what is really unusual for St-Pb.
I like it.

03 January 2014

2 x 2

(c) 2013 olga dospekhova
This summer in Arnhem I have been often in Sonsbeek park. It was one of my favorite inspirational place.