22 December 2008

Winter's days

In Those days i love winter ---


Rita said...

Nice pictures! I showed them to my friends, hehe. I loove the lights in the first one!

Dominica said...

You're right...it's the lights that give a special atmosphere to the city ...
The second picture is special, it looks like the town has been invaded by a spaceship...the beams are spacy ....

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

You actually got snow!
I am so jealous about that.

Helga said...

oh, thank you, i`m glad about it! ho-ho ))

yes, on the 2 picture - It was light show with different pictures shown on the background of Russian museum in the center of the city, to the accompaniment of classic music.
thanks for following! :-D

Man Who Knew Too Much
dont be jealous, i can share a little with Amsterdam :)